Host: Justice Frangipane

Justice Frangipane

Digital Artist / YouTuber / Tech’ Consultant

Justice is one of two owners of the software Tablet Pro (The amazing Takashi Yamamoto is the other owner) which is a tool used by artists to enable rapid artwork creation on a tablet computer. His software is used around the world by thousands of artists at MGM, Sony, Blizzard, Industrial Light and Magic, Codemasters, and hundreds of other well known studios.

His YouTube channel focuses on digital art, creative process and notetaking for tablet users (with the occasional inclusion of a few iphone hacks)

Justice has been an artist since about age 5 and has used tablet computers and 2 in 1’s for over 1 million years.

Artistically focused on drawing and photographing trees, water, landscape and people, with a heavy emphasis on color blending, light and shadows. You can find a small sampling of his work on www.justicefrangipane.com

Find Justice online at:

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