Host: Lawrence Mann

Lawrence Mann

Digital Artist / YouTuber / Tech’ Consultant

Host of the new podcast for artists & creatives Lawrence Mann. Currently reviewing artist’s tech on YouTube as LAWRENCEcanDRAW and working as a professional freelance Illustrator with over 20 years experience in the industry!

Lawrence is an Ambassador for brands such as Lenovo, Corel Painter, Sketchable & Drobo. As well as working alongside companies like Adobe, Dell, Wacom, Microsoft & more to improve the software & hardware we as artists use. He’s a big believer in that we have a personal responsibility to get involved and help the technology we use to evolve.

As an artist, Lawrence creates fantasy & scifi art for various clients worldwide. If you want to read more about Lawrence, you can read the extensive ‘About’ section on his website.

Find Lawrence online at:

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